INTRASTAT is a system of collecting statistics data on the trade in goods between European Union Member States. Providers of statistical information are VAT registred parties that trade with other Member States and exceed exemption threshold value in their trade with other Member States. Exemption treshold for reference year is separately determined for arrivals and for dispatches of goods in trade with other Member States. All physical arrivals / dispatches of goods should be reported other than those from the list of exemptions (e.g. goods for / after repair, the temporary use of the goods, promotional material ...). The deadline for submitting the monthly Intrastat form is, in principle, 15th day following the end of reference period. The Intrastat form is to be submitted in electronic form using the G2B system of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia. Submission of statistical data can be done by the third party - declarant.

We can provide the service of creating Intrastat forms for You and the service of submition of the Intrastat forms.

Our years of experience in customs procedures helps simplify the implementation of Intrastat survey and guarantees understanding the demands of the Intrastat data survey. We participate in the Intrastat survey since the test phase, before the Croatian accession to the European Union, and in practice we noticed possible problems and doubts in the process as well as the optimal possibilities of conducting the proceedings in a manner which will then be as simple as possible.

In cooperation with providers of statistical information as well as with the Customs Administration we can find solutions for issues that inevitably occur in practice (e.g. the specific movements of goods such as triangular trade, quasi export / import, staggered consignments... ).

Our goal is that, using mutual cooperation and necessary compliance with regulations, the process is as simple as possible for You and that submition of Your Intrastat forms and data it contains is accurate, complete and timely.