We can offer our services regarding all the activities related to the proper implementation of all kinds of customs procedures (import, export and transit) and related required inspections (veterinary, phyto, sanitary) inland Croatia and at the croatian borders with neighboring third countries.

Please contact us for advice regarding the application of customs procedures (regular or simplified), dynamic area of ​​customs legislation, classification of goods, preferential and non-preferential rules of origin, customs valuation, trade preferential treatment in the EU, a new types of customs duties, new restrictions on international trade and other issues in Your customs affairs.

After Croatian accession to the European Union, national customs legislation was replaced by European Union customs legislation. European Union customs legislation is complemented by national legislation and national directives and guidelines on the implementation of European Union customs legislation. The complexity of these legislations, directives and guidelines is a challenge to all participants involved in the implementation of customs procedures.

Concepts such as custom procedure 42, meursing code, T2L, ENS, EXS, A.TR, GPS, AEO, anti-dumping, countervailing duties are just some of the many concepts that are an integral part of the implementation of customs procedures after the Croatian accession to the European Community. We will help You in understanding and using the rules and procedures that can open new business opportunities but also, whose ignorance can bring difficulties in the business.

Our goal is to represent You in a way that will, in compliance with relevant regulations, allow faster and financially optimal implementation of required customs procedures.