We are proud that, by the end of 2015., we gained status of Authorized economic operator (AEO). Status AEO present us as reliable partner concerning customs procedures throughout entire EU custom territory.

After a long-term preparations and adjustments of our company business organization, verification and monitoring was conducted by Croatian customs authorities. Verification and monitoring process  confirmed fulfillment of conditions and criteria needed for AEO status  (appropriate record of compliance with customs requirements, satisfactory system of managing commercial records which allows appropriate customs controls, proven financial solvency,  accounting system, administrative organization, satisfactory procedures for archiving of company's records and protection against the loss of information, appropriate information technology security measures...). As a result of that process AEO (AEO-C) certificate no. HRAEOC4130115190004  was issued (pdf).

AEO status is applicable on entire EU customs territory and it brings certain benefits regarding conduction of customs procedures. AEO status also simplify granting of simplified custom procedures (import/export local clearance procedures, authorised consignee, authorised consignor...). Extensive and detailed verification of conditions and criteria needed for AEO status shall not be re-examined as they have already been examined in process of granting AEO certificate. For our customers we can even appear as holders of simplified procedures with benefits from our AEO status which can significantly speed up conduct of custom procedures and therefore bring significantly costs reduction in customs affairs.

We consider granting of AEO status as a "crown" of long-standing constant efforts to improve our company.

Granted AEO status is considered as one of the most important steps in development of our business and also as a start of the new phase of development through new possibilities and as basis and motivation for further development of quality of our company.